Wize Commerce / Website & interaction design

After successfully redesigning the website for this leading e-commerce platform in 2012, the team asked us to help with two of its consumer-facing comparison-shopping engines: Price Machine and Wize.com. Each needed a striking look and smart design for clearly presenting a large amount of data. We started with sketchpads, then delivered an overall concept, prototypes, interactive presentations, assets, and style guide to Wize Commerce’s internal implementation team.


Wize Commerce Homepage

Wize Commerce owns and operates an extended ecosystem of comparison shopping engines. They offer partners and clients tools to optimize their e-commerce traffic and boost revenue through “smart growth”. Keying off the orange dot in the logo, we created a system of icons and graphics that represents these ideas and extends across the entire site.

Wize Commerce graphic system

Wize Commerce Careers page

For the consumer-facing Wize.com site, we created an interactive dashboard where users could see the overall “Wize Score” and relevant information on price history, popularity, user ratings, and more. We also designed product detail cards and deeper content zooms with expanded data and product information.

Wize.com Homepage

Wize.com product results page

Zoom views with product details

Additional Work