GE Energy / Magazine Design Principles

GE Energy, a world leader in energy delivery and power generation, produces six customer magazines, customized by country and region. Collaborating with strategic partner Captain Brands, we audited the current publications and developed a design principles document with over three dozen exhibits. Those guidelines helped the individual magazines adopt a unified visual style, while still allowing each one the freedom to meet its own customer needs.

Sample cover treatments

As part of the principles document, we created a fictitious magazine entitled “Equinox”. Sample concept covers and interiors showed how the specific design principles could be applied within the spectrum of elements found in a magazine, from treatments to the table of contents to full-length feature stories.

Table of contents exhibit

An exhibit showing a sample feature story

The guidelines and exhibits resulted in a clear set of principles that gave their global teams the ability to create a unique yet cohesive family of publications.

Guidelines document pages

Additional Work