WDHB / Brand Identity & Graphic System

WDHB offers strategic learning expeditions for executives and corporate teams. Each expedition is custom built, often involving international travel, leadership training, and other activities aimed at helping participants see challenges anew—and find solutions. Over several years, we’ve redesigned and evolved WDHB’s brand to visualize the company’s core offering, and created a graphic system they use to tailor marketing collateral and participant materials for individual clients and expeditions.

WDHB poster detail of path graphic

The visual system for their “bundled” product offerings keyed off of the conept of path, or journey. We created a mailable poster that outlines WDHB’s offerings does and provides a graphic visualization of their full portfolio of offerings and specific bundles, or tracks, that users can select.

Interior spread (partially unfolded)

Poster spread (unfolded) showing the full product offering

WDHB first approached us to refine and extend their initial brand identity. Drawing upon the company logomark, we employed the lines to convey a sense of journey and growth across their website, stationery system, and a series of print collateral.

WDHB identity and stationery system

WDHB gate-fold brochure

WDHB customizable Field Guide

WDHB Field Guide section break pages

Later, we took the concept even further, developing a new series of collateral and templates to convey their international expansion and customizable product offerings.

WDHB marketing collateral kit folder

WDHB marketing collateral document templates

Additional Work