Nike + iPod / New Product Launch

When the world’s largest sports brand collaborated with the world’s largest tech brand, we were there to help launch Nike+ across all media channels. First, we created an iconic image that expressed the product experience and balanced both brands. Then we designed, prototyped, and produced fixtures, training packets, a giant billboard, and point-of-sale materials for both companies’ flagship stores as well as other retailers.

Iconic hero image (attract graphic)

Secondary imagery used throughout the retail environment

Union Square billboard in San Francisco along with Niketown flagship store retail displays

After developing the Nike+ program identity, we fully played it out in the retail environment including the Niketown flagship stores shown here. We also created informational booklets to be distributed throughout the stores, and a media kit.

Media kit toolbox describing the program

Booklet to announce and describe the new technology

Product detail spread from the informational booklet

Creative Direction: Jeff Zwerner, Factor Design

Additional Work