HP & Palm / product launch materials

When the pioneer of the personal mobile device decided to pursue an acquisition strategy, we helped reposition Palm’s game-changing webOS as its main product. We did a creative exploration to redefine the visual expression of its brands. We worked on global packaging, extending the brands to multiple carriers, countries, and languages. After the merger, we developed a suite of materials to support the launch of the HP Pre3.

Large format poster announcing the new Pre3, post-merger

Large format poster introducing new products for PalmPoster featuring webOS 2.0 as they transitioned to HP/Palm

Product brochure cover

Product brochure interior spreads

Product launch kit packaging

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As Palm’s go-to design team, we worked on many aspects of the original Palm brand. We were there as Palm transitioned through the acquisition by HP—creating everything from printed brochures, packaging, posters, and launch kits for carriers to specific portions of the website and App Catalog. Throughout that time we helped establish and maintain consistency across the brand.

Homepage announcing new carrier partnership with Verizon

Product landing page

App Catalog (tablet view)

Additional Work