Catherine Karnow / Website and Digital Exhibition

National Geographic Photographer Catherine Karnow is one of the foremost professional photographers of Vietnam over the past 25 years. This project underscored the 40th Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war. Approaching that historic moment, she needed a new website and a digital exhibition of her Vietnam work with the aim of securing an exhibition in Vietnam to mark the occassion. Within days of circulating the digital exhibition she received several offers including an invitation to present at the prestigious Art Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi.

Preview of upcoming site design. All website images shown by permission of Catherine Karnow

One of the many striking pairings of new and old Vietnam

The digital exhibition document, entitled "Vietnam, Documenting 25 Years of a Changing Country" showcased over 50 photographs that spanned the past two and a half decades. Organized thematically, it was aimed at creating a clean and direct way for the user to navigate through the body of work, and gain an immediate sense of its breadth and background through concise captions for each image.

Sample pages from Digital Exhibit Book

The exhibition itself was a huge success. The opening was packed, with a large representation of the press attending. The new US ambassador attended and spoke. The following day the gallery had more visitors in a single day than at any point in their history.

Catherine Karnow arriving at the Art Vietnam Gallery Exhibition Opening in Hanoi

Ambassador Ted Osius. Gallerist Suzanne Lecht, and Catherine Karnow at the Art Vietnam Gallery Exhibition Opening

Client: Catherine Karnow. Creative: The Collective Spark.

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