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Haas School of Business helps foster leaders who champion bold ideas, challenge the status quo, and make a significant impact in the world. Since 2012 we have been working with the Haas Alumni Relations team to help re-envision their annual report. Working together we created a new format, a hybrid print and digital system. Bold, striking, and innovative, the system echoes the defining principles of the school itself. Since then we have continued together in partnership as part of this collaborative effort.


The Haas team knew they wanted to start shifting donors to a digital report. They also recognized the real value and impact of a print piece—a legacy piece, stamped with permanence. Our creative team help to map out a content architecture and design system that worked seamlessly across both formats, creating immediately impactful stand-alone pieces that also neatly complemented and enhanced one another in the hybrid experience.

Haas Leadership Society Annual Report spread

Passing the Baton Impact Story page

MBA Student and Reunion Compaigns spread

The keystone piece of the project was shifting the donor lists from the print report—where donors used to have to trawl through pages of fine print to find their name—to a sleeker, more engaging, and more accessible digital experience. We developed a powerful interactive experience that highlighted the full scope of giving. Hass donors can now swiftly navigate donor levels and categories; explore donors by classes, donation category, and name; and find their own names in a matter of seconds.

Our Donors page

Given the innovative and mobile nature of the Haas community, we designed a fully responsive site that works fluidly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The result is a design solution that is essentially device-agnostic, optimized for the viewer’s experience regardless of the screen size or device that they are viewing.

Data matters. When it comes to annual reports, the data can often be dense and difficult to grasp. To help make sure Haas’ donor giving data was both impactful and accessible, we developed a visual system of infographics to celebrate giving, and to spur friendly competition between donating classes.

Annual Report infographics

The Haas Fund page

Scholarships and Fellowships pages

Being an innovative and forward-facing school, Haas aims for ecologically sustainable practices across their school. This vision aligns perfectly with our own beliefs and helped to drive many of the specific decisions behind this year’s report. The book was printed entirely on FSC-certified paper—and the shift to the print/digital report resulted in a significant positive environmental impact while simultaneously saving on printing and mailing costs.

Annual Report Eco-Audit

Additional Work