sf aids foundation / annual report

We created a vibrant new look for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s annual report that the organization then used to revitalize its brand identity. Collaborating with strategic partner Mission Minded, we developed this award-winning visual system based on vibrant colors, bold statistics, and optimistic, forward-facing photography. The foundation has since extended the identity to its website, event merchandise, promotional videos, and a large office mural.

Detail section of hero graphic illustration

The graphic above represented a dramatic departure for the Foundation from their previous branding and identity materials. The bold and optimistic color fields were employed on the report cover and echoed throughout the interior. In addition to making a big impact with the client, the work won an international design competition award from AIGA called “cause/affect”.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation annual report cover

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation used their annual report to announce a bold set of initiatives and goals for 2015. We integrated these ideas into a visual series of interior spreads, capturing the messaging within a landscape of interlaid color bands and portrait photography. We art-directed several photo shoots of the many volunteers, staff, and supporters of the cause.

Interior spreads

Detail of interior portraiture

Additional Work