eBay Giving Works / Website Redesign

eBay Giving Works is a global platform that helps the eBay community raise money for worthy causes. Working with Strategic partner Vibrant Planet, we built the case for redesigning the site by projecting how even a small increase in participation would massively affect the philanthropic impact. We delivered new imagery, a streamlined user experience, and clarified calls to action. Just one year after launch, site traffic had doubled overall and mobile traffic quadrupled.

The new eBay Giving Works homepage helped to both locate and differentiate Giving Works within eBay Marketplace’s site. We used strong vibrant imagery, clear calls to action, and a step-by-step guide to show users how they can use eBay Giving Works to make a real impact for their preferred charity. A new left-hand navigation panel highlighted the many charities supported on the site.

The old About pageThe new About page

The old Charity Category pageThe new Charity Category page

After doing extensive and focused user research to quantify problems with the existing site and test new ideas, we strategically reorganized both the site map and information architecture for every page. This, along with a cleaner more simplified look of eBay Giving Works, provides clear and intuitive ways for buyers, sellers, and nonprofits to navigate the new site.

Icons for each charity category represented on the site

Header graphics on the Category pages

Rotating banner graphic on the Homepage

Additional Work