Micro-Documentaries / Website

Film can inspire action, and Micro-Documentaries’ short videos do just that, helping companies, nonprofits, and individuals in their quest to bring about social change. We redesigned the company website, leveraging film imagery to create an immediate visual impact. We overhauled the site navigation and introduced a scrolling interface to showcase Micro-Documentaries’ full range of work and allow users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Micro-Documentaries creates films and visual storytelling for social-minded start-ups like Edmodo, and big-name organizations like The Clinton Global Initiative. The new site employs a smart navigation and filtering system; large, vibrant images on the Our Films page screenshots; and transparent title overlays to highlight the full spread and diversity of their work.

Film categories landing page

The new navigation features the full breadth of Micro-Documentaries film categories

Nonprofit film thumbnails

Additional Work