AIGA / Design Lecture Series Event Identity

The Design Lecture Series annually hosts world-renowned technology, art, and design professionals. Working with the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, we created a flexible visual identity and set of promotional materials including invite cards, web tiles, event signage, and screen displays for each lecture. AIGA updated the materials in subsequent years with a new theme and colors. As a bonus, we got to meet a few design luminaries.

Detail of typographic overlay

Invitation interior spread

Set of invitations for each lecture

The overlays of type, color, and imagery represent the coming together of people, thoughts, and ideas at these events. Drawing from the color palette of each speaker’s printed invitation, we developed title slides and an introductory sequence for their talk. We also created reusable signage for the events, which were held at Adobe’s offices in San Francisco.

Pre-lecture socializing in Adobe's theater space

Creative Direction, Jeff Zwerner, Factor Design

Additional Work