The Collective Spark is a San Francisco Bay Area Design Studio. We believe in collaboration and connectivity. We believe that the power of the “we” can create the most impactful and unexpected solutions.

We see design as a multiplier of impact. We believe the power of the collective eclipses that of the individual. We collaborate with our clients and our network of creative and strategic professionals to create amazing design work, experiences, and strategic initiatives. We are The Collective Spark. Join us.


WEB and digital design

We create responsive websites using a holistic approach to the design process. From the initial identifying of the key strategic aims, to the final site launch, we strive to apply design thinking at each touchpoint in a way that delivers on those strategic goals. We love working in the digital world: its immediacy, and it's ability to reach so many people. Instantly.

identities and design systems

Whether creating a set of infographics, or building out an entire identity, we are fascinated by the way things fit together. Our passion and goal is defining the essence of the organization, initiative, or problem to be solved, and then creating a visual design system that extends across the landscape of digital and physical materials.

print and conference design

We love print. Yes, we love digital too, but we also still appreciate the tactile beauty of a final printed piece and value something that you can actually hold in your hands. Whether it’s a small, hand-stitched booklet for a specific event, or an entire system of signage for an upcoming conference, we engineer the team and print partners best suited to deliver your specific needs.

About The Collective Spark

The Collective Spark is a growing network of like-minded individuals who are collaborating to make a positive impact on the world. If you are passionate about what you do, about how you can contribute to the design process, and want to help deliver the highest level of work for clients that you believe in, feel free to connect.

Will Tams ⁄ Founder, Director of Creative

For the past 25 years Will has been working with talented design teams that have created exceptional work. Prior to founding The Collective Spark, Will was the Co-Founder and Director of The Invisible Spark Design Studio where he oversaw the creative processes and projects, striving to design and deliver unparalleled work. Previous to that, he worked with Apple Inc. in Cupertino and also with San Francisco-based Factor Design. Over his career, he has designed materials for a broad range of clients including Stanford Law School, Nike, Environmental Defense Fund, Apple, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and Mindful Schools, among others. Will studied at Brown University and RISD where he completed a self-designed major on the creative process, receiving honors following his senior exhibit and thesis presentations. Will lives in Berkeley with his wonderful wife and two inspiring children.

The Collective Spark Studio

The high ceilings, wood beams, brick walls, and skylights all contribute to create a unique space and feel for the core of The Collective Spark. Our front doors open out onto a large grassy courtyard, there is a cafe two doors down, and a roofdeck with wireless above us. We consider ourselves fortunate. If you are interested in learning more about the space, contact us.

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